Why All Pro-Military Voters Should Be Voting for the Democratic Ticket in 2022

Personally, as former Republican Party member until 2016, I do NOT suffer from a blind need to fall in line with any party’s policies. When it comes to military actions and in the past, I have found myself strongly disagreeing with POTUS Biden when he acted to withdraw all US troops from Afganistan. I was equally disheartened when the GOP defeated ex-president pulled US troops from Syria as he turned his back on our only true friends in the region, the Kurds.
I’m now asking for all military, both current and former members to back all Democratic candidates with their votes in this upcoming 2022 November elections because the state of our US democracy is at risk of sliding into an autocracy. This gift of a democratic government in the USA and in different countries around the world is what so many current and past heroes in our US military have defended, fought and sacrificed for, some paying the ultimate price.

There are already too many GOP MAGA US congressional members who’ve taken the equivalency of a loyalty oath to the GOP defeated ex-president versus honoring their oath to protect the US Constitution. This includes their taking on the pro-Russian sentiments as demonstrated by the ex-president during his four years in office and beyond.

The GOP MAGA congressional minority leader, Kevin McCarthy has recently publicly floated the concept of him being reticent to further fund Ukraine’s war in defense of its territory against Russia’s unprovoked invasion and brutal attacks when he becomes the majority leader as republicans win a majority position in the US Congress.

These words by a GOP leader must be music to Russia’s leader, President Vladimir Putin’s ears. Who can blame him if he assumes that he can just bide his time regarding any war plans until post 2022 US elections.

This attitude by GOP Representative McCarthy isn’t new. He has been castigating POTUS Biden’s decision to militarily support Ukraine’ as far back as March 2022.

GOP Leader McCarthy slams Biden for continued ‘mistake’ on Ukraine https://www.foxnews.com

This pro-Russian proffer by a GOP MAGA congressional leader lasting for over several months cannot stand unchallenged.

The GOP MAGA push of our US democracy towards an autocracy has placed the future of US democracy on the 2022 ballot.As per a 10/18/2022 AP report, “McCarthy: No ‘blank check’ for Ukraine if GOP wins majority” by Farnoush Amiri and Kevin Freking:

“House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy warned that Republicans will not write a “blank check” for Ukraine if they win back the House majority, reflecting his party’s growing skepticism about financial support for Kyiv as it battles Russia’s invasion.”

“I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine,” McCarthy told Punchbowl News. “They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check.”

“The comments from McCarthy, who’s in line to become speaker if Republicans win the House, raised fresh questions about the resiliency of America’s support for Ukraine as a growing number of Republicans, particularly those aligned with Donald Trump’s “America First” approach, question the need for federal spending abroad at a time of record-high inflation at home.”

As per a 10/20/2022 Washington Post op-ed report, “Kevin McCarthy’s ugly new Ukraine threats should prod Democrats to act” by Greg Sargent:

“It’s true that many Republicans support the Ukrainian cause. A large majority of Republicans have so far voted for tens of billions of dollars in Ukraine aid. But 57 House Republicans voted against it. And 1 Democrat points out that a number of House GOP candidates — see herehere, and here — have opposed more fundingtoo.”

“It’s indisputable that the Republican Party is divided on this question. As The Post’s Eugene Scott notes, several GOP Senate candidates in the MAGA mold have signaled opposition. Now that McCarthy has signaled that aid might be in trouble, with influential MAGA Republicans such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) opposing it, the GOP divide could worsen if the House MAGA caucus grows.”

“There’s also the role of ultra-MAGA-loyalist Rep. Scott Perry on the Foreign Affairs Committee. The Pennsylvania Republican and hard-right Freedom Caucus chair has floated the idea of launching House GOP investigations of Biden’s handling of Ukraine. In principle, that work could be conducted as good faith oversight, but it could also be abused in bad faith to obstruct badly needed military aid. Perry voted against aid and has raised strong notes of skepticism about it.”

As per a 5/13/2022 Newsweek report by Katherine Fung, here’s a Full List of 57 GOP House Republican representatives who’ve consistently voted against aid to Ukraine

  1. Jodey Arrington of Texas
  2. Brian Babin of Texas
  3. Jim Banks of Indiana
  4. Andy Biggs of Arizona
  5. Gus Bilirakis of Florida
  6. Dan Bishop of North Carolina
  7. Lauren Boebert of Colorado
  8. Ken Buck of Colorado
  9. Tim Burchett of Tennessee
  10. Kat Cammack of Florida
  11. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina
  12. Michael Cloud of Texas
  13. Andrew Clyde of Georgia
  14. James Comer of Kentucky
  15. Warren Davidson of Ohio
  16. Scott Des Jarlais of Tennessee
  17. Byron Donalds of Florida
  18. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina
  19. Ron Estes of Kansas
  20. Russ Fulcher of Idaho
  21. Matt Gaetz of Florida
  22. Bob Gibbs of Ohio
  23. Louie Gohmert of Texas
  24. Bob Good of Virginia
  25. Paul Gosar of Arizona
  26. Garret Graves of Louisiana
  27. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  28. Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee
  29. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri
  30. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma
  31. Yvette Herrell of New Mexico
  32. Jody Hice of Georgia
  33. Clay Higgins of Louisiana
  34. Bill Huizenga of Michigan
  35. Ronny Jackson of Texas
  36. Mike Johnson of Louisiana
  37. Jim Jordan of Ohio
  38. Debbie Lesko of Arizona
  39. Billy Long of Missouri
  40. Tracey Mann of Kansas
  41. Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  42. Brian Mast of Florida
  43. Mary Miller of Illinois
  44. Barry Moore of Alabama
  45. Troy Nehls of Texas
  46. Ralph Norman of South Carolina
  47. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
  48. John Rose of Tennessee
  49. Matthew Rosendale of Montana
  50. Chip Roy of Texas
  51. Pete Sessions of Texas
  52. Greg Steube of Florida
  53. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin
  54. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey
  55. Beth Van Duyne of Texas
  56. Bruce Westerman of Arkansas
  57. Roger Williams of Texas


    • Dear Ned Hamson,

      Thanks for the reblog. It looks like Dems are doing better on taking on GOP MAGA politicians on the issue of crime.

      Just today, GOP MAGA US congressional representatives on the Judiciary Committee released a 1,000-page report accusing the FBI and DOJ for abandoning their commitment to political neutrality. They’re looking to hold hearings on this if they attain the House’s majority post elections.

      They didn’t care about how the capitol police were attacked by GOP MAGAs. They’ve been condoning hate speech which leads to hate crimes by GOP MAGAs. I just pray that GOP MAGA candidates pay a price for trafficking in hate rhetoric.

      Hugs, Gronda



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