aside Florida’s Special Services Department Dropped The Ball With Helping Mass Shooter



Dear Florida Governor Rick Scott, The F.B.I. did drop the ball by not following up on tips that were within its job responsibilities in order to possibly prevent the mass shootings of 17 souls at a Parkland, Florida High School by a troubled young man on Feb 14, 2018.

Governor Scott, You were quick to point the finger at the FBI to lay blame for this tragedy as you publicly demanded the resignation of the FBI’s Director Christopher Wray.

But, you were too quick in your deflection as it now seems, that the Florida Department of Children and Families agency also dropped the ball in their interaction and evaluation of the mass shooter.

The police and the school system itself may have dropped the ball. (See: The Question Is, Who Didn’t Drop Ball In Not Preventing Mass Shooting )

Here’s the rest of the story…

On February 17, 2018, Audra D. S. Burch, Frances Robles and Patricia Mazzei of the New York Times penned the following report, Florida Agency Investigated Nikolas Cruz After Violent Social Media Posts.


 “A Florida social services agency conducted an in-home investigation of Nikolas Cruz after he exhibited troubling behavior nearly a year and a half before he shot and killed 17 people at his former high school in Florida, a state report shows.”

“The agency, the Florida Department of Children and Families, had been alerted to posts on Snapchat of Mr. Cruz cutting his arms and expressing interest in buying a gun, according to the report. But after visiting and questioning Mr. Cruz at his home, the department determined he was at low risk of harming himself or others.”

“The report is the latest indication that Mr. Cruz was repeatedly identified by local and federal agencies as a troubled young man with violent tendencies. The F.B.I. admitted on Friday that it had failed to investigate a tip called into a hotline last month by a person close to Mr. Cruz identifying him as a gun owner intent on killing people, possibly at a school. The local police were called to Mr. Cruz’s house many times for disturbances over several years.”

“Mr. Cruz also worried officials at his former school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Fla., who on at least one occasion alerted a mobile crisis unit to get him emergency counseling, according to the state report.”

“Broward County Public Schools disciplinary records obtained on Saturday by The New York Times show Mr. Cruz had a long history of fights with teachers, and was frequently accused of using profane language with school staff. He was referred for a “threat assessment” in January 2017, the last entry in his record, two months after the Department of Children and Families closed its separate investigation into Mr. Cruz’s worrisome behavior.”

“Howard Finkelstein, the Broward County public defender, whose office is representing Mr. Cruz, said the report was further evidence that Mr. Cruz needed serious help long before the shooting but did not get enough of it.”

“This kid exhibited every single known red flag, from killing animals to having a cache of weapons to disruptive behavior to saying he wanted to be a school shooter,” Mr. Finkelstein said. “If this isn’t a person who should have gotten someone’s attention, I don’t know who is. This was a multisystem failure.”

“The state agency investigated whether Mr. Cruz intended to harm himself in September 2016, when he made the alarming social media posts after an argument with his mother. Mr. Cruz, who had depression, was upset over a breakup with a girlfriend, his mother, Lynda Cruz, told investigators. The report does not say who called in the complaint, which was given “immediate” priority.”

“The report shows that investigators closed the case about two months later. The agency determined that the “final level of risk is low” — an analysis that one of Mr. Cruz’s counselors at his school felt was premature — because his mother was caring for him, he was enrolled in school and he was receiving counseling. By the time of the shooting, however, Mr. Cruz had lost at least two of those elements: His mother was dead, and he had left Stoneman Douglas High School.”

“On Wednesday, Mr. Cruz, 19, showed up at Stoneman Douglas and unleashed more than 100 rounds from a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle he purchased last February, five months after the state investigation closed. As of Saturday evening, two Broward hospitals were still treating four patients in fair condition, according to Jennifer Smith, a spokeswoman.”

“The office of Mr. Finkelstein, the public defender, suggested that it had offered prosecutors a guilty plea in exchange for a life sentence without the possibility of parole.”

“Everybody knows he is guilty. What we are saying is, let’s put him away for life,” Mr. Finkelstein said. “We are not saying the death penalty is not justified; we are saying, let’s not put this community through the trauma and pain of a trial knowing that, three years down the road, one juror could keep him from being put to death.”

“In Florida, the death penalty requires a decision by a unanimous jury.”

“Mr. Cruz’s school disciplinary records show he attended at least six schools, including Cross Creek School, a school for students with emotional problems; Dave Thomas Education Center, an alternative high school for at-risk youth; and an adult education center. He was first identified as developmentally delayed in 2002, when he was 4 years old.”

“In incidents that began in 2012, when Mr. Cruz was 13, he was disciplined for being disobedient and unruly. In 2013, the records suggest, he was counseled for making a false 911 call.”

“He was suspended several times in the 2016-17 school year, his last year at Stoneman Douglas, and was frequently reported for prolonged and unexplained absences. In September 2016, he was suspended for two days for fighting, only to return and get suspended again nine days after the fight, this time for hurling profane insults.”

“Mental health services and supports were in place when this investigation closed,” Mike Carroll, the secretary of the Department of Children and Families, said in a statement. Mr. Cruz was investigated as an adult, and the investigation appeared aimed at determining whether he was being neglected.

Agency investigators identified Mr. Cruz, who had turned 18 a few days earlier, as a “vulnerable adult due to mental illness.” In addition to depression, Mr. Cruz had autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, the report said. He was regularly taking medication for the A.D.H.D. It was unclear whether he was taking anything for the depression, according to the report.

“After the argument with his mother, an investigator visited the family’s home in Parkland, which was clean, clutter-free and did not present any foul odors. The investigator did not see the cuts on Mr. Cruz’s arms: He was wearing long sleeves.”

“Mr. Cruz stated that he plans to go out and buy a gun,” the report states. “It is unknown what he is buying the gun for.”

“His mother denied that she and her son had argued. She told the investigator that Mr. Cruz did not have a gun, though he did have an air gun she would take away from him when he did not follow rules about shooting only at backyard targets.

“His mother, who died in November, told investigators she attributed Mr. Cruz’s behavior to “a breakup with a girl.” Ms. Cruz “stated that she and the girl’s mother told the kids they had to end the relationship because it was unhealthy for everyone,” the report said.”

“A year before, it was discovered that Mr. Cruz had a Nazi symbol and a racial slur on his book bag. His mother said that when she confronted her son about it, Mr. Cruz purported to not know what the sign meant, and she said the family had never expressed negative sentiments toward people of other races. She made him clean it off his bag.”

“The report noted that a mental health center had been contacted in the past to detain Mr. Cruz under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows the state to hospitalize people for several days if they are a threat to themselves or others. The center determined that he was not such a threat. Had Mr. Cruz been involuntarily committed, state law could have prohibited him from buying a firearm.”

Link to entire NYT report: Florida Agency Investigated Nikolas Cruz After Violent Social Media


    • Dear House of Heart,

      This is how the governor will change his stripes. When those young activists start costing the gun/ NRA totting republicans a significant amount of votes via a lot of parents.

      Governor Scott cannot weasel out of this one by blaming the FBI.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Dear Time Warner,

        The Fl Governor needed to look at the beam in his own eye. The Florida Children and Family services agency, a FL governmental agency dropped the ball. When he was living with his Mom before she passed away in November 2017, there have been news reports that police were called 29- 39 x. This comes under the auspices of Florida. At one time he was diagnosed A.D.H.D. and autism, to where he was medicated.

        He fell through the cracks in Florida and Gov Scott will have plenty to answer for regarding his own actions.

        Florida and Texas are about equal when it comes to peoples having access to guns. Florida was the start of “stand your ground” laws.

        Hugs, Gronda

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  1. Gronda, you and I seem to be on the same page in wanting agencies to figure out where they dropped the ball. Further, we both seem to be at odds with politicians trying to lay blame on people to distract from fixing our problems. Accountability and responsibility seem to be in short supply. I am very weary of the “slippery slope” and the “this change would not have stopped this shooting” arguments.

    On CBS this morning, one of the teachers who is being hailed as a hero, said he is a gun owner with a hand gun and hunting rifle, but he said there is no reason a citizen should have a AR15. He advocated better background checks to avoid folks with mental health issues to get a weapon.

    Thanks for your post. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Way back when, I used to be a Guardian Ad Litem in Florida and I know how hard I had to fight to obtain the services that the children under my purview needed. Florida is a NOT a generous state when it comes to services for children. The mass shooter had no advocate.

      There will be so many times the system failed this young man because the right kind of services cost too much monies. These adults will also have the blood of those 17 victims on their hands. This includes Governor Rick Scott.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. I don’t suppose Rick Scott is ready to resign because of Florida’s failures in this case yet he can attack the FBI.
    Scott needs to revisit he question of gun control in his state as an indication he doesn’t want this to ever happen again.
    Huge Hugs Gronda

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    • @davidprosser

      Your assessment is correct, it seems the governor does not want to take responsibility at all, wanted to pass the buck onto the FBI since this tragedy occurred under his watch. He should not be absolved so easily come time for re-election.

      Worse yet, he lacks leadership ability since he can only cast blame and not offer real solutions to prevent this from happening again in the future. Also he’s still a puppet of the gun industry and did not denounce his affiliation. He was/ is paid to keep his mouth shut about the gun issue.

      Why Rick Scott’s A-plus NRA rating may haunt him this week:
      Gov. Rick Scott has become a favorite of the Florida gun lobby during the past seven years by lifting restrictions on guns, preventing doctors from asking patients about their weapons, opposing stricter background checks and cutting the cost of getting a concealed weapon license.

      Scott secured backyard gun ranges, expanded a self-defense law known as “stand your ground” and allowed people without concealed weapon licenses to carry guns in emergencies like hurricane evacuations for 48 hours.

      The National Rifle Association returned the favor with its highest compliment, an A-plus rating, as the NRA flooded Florida homes with millions of mailers to help Scott clinch reelection four years ago.


    • Dear David Prosser,

      The good news is that he that he can’t run for the governorship again as there are term limits in Florida, but there are a lot of news reports indicating that he plans to run for the US Senate where at this point, he will lose.

      He deserves to lose. When the reports come out about how Florida let those students who were killed and the shooter down, he’ll have plenty to reconsider his future.

      Hugs, Gronda


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