Trumpian Republican Party Of Vermin Is Dying Off But GOP Have Figured This Out


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Why are their GOP “dark money” donors backing the republican President Donald Trump’s authoritarian type of governing where he dares to publicly besmirch our US heroes like Senator John McCain, a decorated war hero who spent years as a Viet Nam prisoner, US Rep. Elijah Cummings as Civil Rights’ activist and Former FBI Director Robert Mueller III of 12 years who served with Marines in Viet Nam War where he earned “Purple Heart, etc.  They’re supporting his presidency along with making the lives miserable for those GOP US congressional lawmakers who dare to challenge him.

These GOP special interests’ “dark money” donors have literally spent billions to own our US GOP lawmakers but they’ve figured out awhile back that soon the voting demographics would favor Democratic Party candidates, but if they were able to establish an authoritarian  government, they could extend their hold on power even in GOP-led US states, with other forms of cheating to hinder access to the ballot boxes by Democratic Party likely voters, via  the development of voter ID laws, partisan gerrymandered voting maps approved by SCOTUS, external interference/ manipulation of state voter rolls and other elections’ infrastructure systems, etc. with love from Russia.

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On March 19, 2019, the Daily Kos published the following report, The GOP’s “Age” Old Problem Has Gotten Worse.


“It’s not like they can say that they weren’t warned. The “autopsy report” following the 2012 election was both blunt, and honest. It said that the GOP, in its current iteration, was dying. It’s core constituency was mainly white, older, rural, less educated men, heavy emphasis on the older. Every year, more and more older GOP voters were finding out firsthand what “God friended me” really means, and little to no fresh, new blood was coming to replace them.”

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“The report admitted that an overhaul of this magnitude was going to be a multi cycle undertaking, but stressed that it had to be done to save the party from extinction.”

“It advised slowly and gently extricating the party from the far right wing Evangelicals who gave it a rather extremist religious image, as well as maintaining their core principles, but relaxing the rigidity of the orthodoxy to attract new members, as well as becoming more culturally tolerant in regards to sexual orientation and minority status. The document was a well researched, well thought out, well planned path forward for the party.”

“Which meant that the RNC was able to save money on the cost of Charmin for a few months. Rather than turn to the difficult path of ensuring the party’s long term viability, the GOP decided to try to squeak one more election out, win the Presidency, and start the rebuilding process in the next 8 years. I think. It’s impossible for a mind that can comprehend the purpose of shoelaces to interpret Republican thought. But instead of rebuilding from the foundation up, the GOP turned to a racist, narcissistic, 70 year old Tasmanian Devil, who promptly finished the job of demolishing the GOP’s “Big Brothers House.”


“Well, if Donald Trump was supposed to be a dessert in the going away party dinner for the retiring old GOP, he turned out to be a slice of moldy pound cake, and guess what? The waiter just slid the little plastic tray with a piece of paper on it onto the table. Yep boys, the check is due.”

“Over the weekend on MSNBC, Voto Latino president Maria Theresa Kumar snagged my attention. In the interview, she said that their polling and statistical analysis showed that in 2020, for the first time, there would be more voters under the age of 46 than there would be voters over the age of 46. Yep, the Baby Boomer train is pulling into the terminal. The voting population is finally becoming a majority that is younger, darker, and more feminine, exactly the three demographic groups that the GOP, under the tutelage of the Tangerine Tantrum, has done everything in their power to alienate.”

“One would think that this wold make 2020 a walk in the park, but as with most things in life, there’s a catch. Voters under 30 tend to be the most erratic, unreliable voters since the Nikelodeon Kids Choice Awards. They aren’t ideology or dogma driven, eschew labels, and tend to show up only when issues that directly affect them are at stake. But younger voters also tend to be more progressive and tolerant, and mostly also still tend to believe in facts, something that the GOP ties to a stake and sets fire to a mound of branches under at every chance it gets.”

In 2018, the Democrats benefited from the surge in youth participation in voting. A large part of that driving force was the young voter outrage over, and mobilization from the persistent mass shootings at schools, spearheaded by the students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida. This was a natural fit for Democrats, who as a national party have been pushing for sensible gun reform for years, as well as having a President on the roster that actually cried at a press conference after Sandy Hook, as opposed to a party that had a president who promoted having teachers pack heat after Parkland. A barometer of the intensity of the debate was the fact that in 2018, for the first time, among people who stated gun rights as their primary driving motive in voting, more people voted for common sense gun reform than voted for unrestricted access to military armaments.”

“In this pitched battle for the next generation of voter dominance, the Democrats have two advantages right out of the gate. With minorities, the advantage is diversity. The beautiful ethnic panorama that was on display in the freshman class of 2018 photo on the capitol steps showed that not only do the Democrats acknowledge and accept diversity, they welcomed them as partners in the legislative governing process. The simple fact that those members exist, and that they have house offices, ensures their communities that their needs and concerns will be raised and addressed.”

On the youth voting side, the Democrats have two advantages. First, the issues. The gun debate is far from over, in fact it’s just beginning, and with a younger, more diverse Democratic led House, there is finally going to be real, measurable pushback to the lobbying dictatorship of the NRA. And with the Green New Deal, the Democrats are pushing for solutions that will impact these younger voters long after liberals like me are plucking a harp. And on the other side is a party that continues to deny climate change cuz, like, snowballs and stuff. The second advantage is in the representatives themselves. Look at what you have in the Democratic House. Young dudes, young women, brown young dudes, brown young women. People who are one step up the generational ladder, instead of people they only see at family gatherings. These younger representatives can instinctively connect with younger voters in a way that the older, more parental looking GOP incumbent candidates never will be able to do.”


“So, the Democrats should have a huge advantage going into 2020, but they can’t take it for granted, they have to earn it. They got the younger vote in 2018 by speaking directly to issues that concerned them, now they have to govern on those issues, to keep them stoked and motivated going into 2020, and to get them to motivate their friends. Yes, we’d like to woo back those rust belt Democrats who gave Trump “a try” in 2016, but not at the expense of the youth and minority voters we desperately need to motivate to ensure success.”

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  1. Gronda, great post. Funny church billboard. Some newscasters said Trump had a good week, but let’s dig deeper:
    – he insulted India by saying he eascasked by the PM Modi to mediate a peace deal with Pakistan over the Kashmir powderkeg – no such request was made.
    – Mueller confirmed not only were Trump’s written answers incomplete and contradictory, they were “generally” untruthful.
    – I will skip over the presidential seal issue.
    – he has picked fights with the presidents of France and Sweden, two more allies.
    – he ended the week with racist comments toward a black Congressmen who had the temerity to question border officials.

    And, some think he is a great president? Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Once you view the bigger picture, President Trump’s policies start to make sense. All of his policies have catered to GOP “dark money” special interest donors with huge tax cuts and roll back of regulations, the anti-immigration/ racist faction with his anti-immigration/ racist moves, the Evangelical Christians who have been rewarded with the placement of their conservative justices, the move of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Trump’s championing of their culture war issues, and the 2nd amendment zealots

      The only exception to the above reality, is that President Trump also acts to line his pockets without consideration of US national security interests.

      These are scary times.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, I think this has Steve Bannon’s hands on it as well. He was insistent that Trump provide some rewards for his groups of voters. He throws them bones, while he and his compadres make it easier to make and keep their money.

    Yet, what the non-wealthy folks do not realize, he is making them pay for their bones. Rural healthcare needs help, but not expanding Medicaid and trying to do away with the ACA hurts them. People in poverty, which includes more white people than any demographic group, are harmed when he tightens food stamps. Farmers pay the price on his trade and tariff wars, as well as many manufacturers.

    One of the things that is masked by the very good unemployment numbers is we have greater numbers of part-time and gig workers who do not have access to employer benefits. That puts many in a precarious position, but they do not realize that Trump’s solutions do not serve them well, as he cares more about his perception than their reality.


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